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If you watch any level of basketball, one thing the best players all have in common is the ability to naturally react and adapt to anything that is thrown at them. Whether is it is a double-team, help-side defense, a jumbled play, etc… the best players have the skill set necessary to react naturally to each situation without having to think about their next move. The past two weeks we introduced you to stationary ball handling series that are great for improving your hand-eye coordination, both your strong and weak hand ball handling and also your arm strength. This week we bring to you a series of moves on the move and challenge you to get creative with your scoring options. The visualization aspect of training is one of the key focal points of our training. Everyone has the ability to “get through” a drill. What we want you to do is, “get from” the drill. For example, when going through this series don’t see the cones for what they are. Visualize the cones being levels of defenders. The first level of defense is your primary defender you need to beat off the dribble, the second level is the help-side defense, and last but not least your moves and scoring options should be different every time. Change your moves and change your finishes. By visualizing the game as you progress through this series, you prepare your mind for game scenarios and you train your body to react to these scenarios. Work hard, get creative, and don’t be a robot! Check out the video by clicking below.

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