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Training Tools: Dribbling Accountability

The above video demonstrates how you can use training tools for skill development and game simulation.

This week we introduce the tennis ball into our ball handling series. The tennis ball is a great training tool that can be used for accountability while dribbling. In this series, the tennis ball holds both our eyes and our “off-hand” accountable at all times by forcing us to focus our eyes on something other than the basketball and by keeping our “off-hand” active and engaged in what we are doing. When you are performing the drills we give you each week it is very important to understand and envision how each of these exercises translates into actual on-court performance in a live game. Don’t just see a tennis ball. Envision a defender in front of you and each time you reach to snag the tennis ball you are working on having active feet and an active guard/off hand to keep your body in between the defense and the basketball. Continue to work with us each week, perform these drills at the highest level possible, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you are going through this and it seems too easy you are simply not pushing yourself hard enough. Get outside your comfort zone!

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