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Our goal is to force you outside of your comfort zone. Because, if you aren't uncomfortable, you aren't getting better.


UP offers year-round basketball skill development and Vertimax training, which enhances speed, agility and quickness for athletes of all sports.  We have an extensive array of training options that fit every athletes needs. We offer individual and small group training, 4-week specialized programs and team training for school, AAU and recreation level teams.


UP's basketball skill development program is designed to teach athletes the fundamental and advanced skills necessary to become better basketball players. We do not solely focus on position specific skills with our athletes, we train them to be all around basketball players. All facets of the game of basketball are incorporated into our high energy, high intensity drills.  Our methods are beyond successful. Check out our growing and long list of college athletes


Our Vertimax training program is a special opportunity that focuses on elevating athletes of all sports abilities to new heights. The Vertimax  is designed to increase strength, vertical jump, foot speed, and explosiveness. Our athletes learn how to control their bodies to optimize their movements. This program is perfect for any athlete who is looking to improve their game in their respective sport. Ready to book a session? Check out our weekly schedule here

Individual Training:
1v1 teaching
Group Training:
2-7 athletes (in a half-court)
Team Training: 
8+ athletes
We offer clinics for all ages and skill levels. We also value giving back to the community and do so by hosting a free clinic every year. Check our home page for the latest news on our current and upcoming clinics and programs!
Vertimax Training (SAQ)

Our Vertimax training is designed for athletes of all sports who are looking to increase their speed, agility, quickness, vertical jump and explosiveness. We offer individual and group vertimax sessions. See the schedule tab.

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